Whitecliffe is the westernmost region of Westridge, sharing more in common with the whole of Westfall than anything in Elwynn. Enjoying bright sunlight and arable land where beach sand isn’t the dominant topsoil layer, Whitecliffe is in many ways an attractive location to settle. The denizens of Whitecliffe are far more accepting of outsiders than the nearly xenophobic Wanduke and conservative Mirwood residents, and so immigrants and non-humans tend to find their way here first. It is ruled by House Hudson.

Holdings Edit

  • Barony of the West Isles – the collection of islands off the west coast of Westridge, including the trade hub of Bridgeport.
  • Barony of Midcost – a pleasant coastal agricultural region known for mild weather and excellent harvests.
  • Barony of Palewater – the gloomy lowlands of Westridge, prone to flooding and coastal storms.
  • Barony of Caldain – a tiny undeveloped plot of land, formerly part of Midcost.
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