Baron Ulrich Bernhardt, the Warden of Westridge, is an intimidating man. Fanatically loyal to the Montclairs, Sir Ulrich fought beside Maxen Montclair during the First and Second War as a Lieutenant in the Royal Army. Upon his return to Stormwind, hardened by years of battle and strife, Ulrich was raised to Captain and given a company of soldiers to secure Westridge again. Joining the Montgomeries, Torks, Hicks, and Courlands, Ulrich carved a bloody path across the west coast of the Duchy, slaughtering greenskins like cattle. When offered lordship over Midcost as payment for his services, he and his wife refused - choosing to settle Palewater instead, where he could keep an eye on those orcs and traitors taken prisoner. He is lord of House Bernhardt.

Despite his bloody history, Ulrich today has grown older and calmer. He rules over Palewater with a gentle hand, preferring peace to conflict.

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