Introduction Edit

Like the majority of the Human kingdoms, Stormwind employs copper, silver and gold coinage in varying denominations of Currency. The common names of these coins and their respective values will be outlined below.

Stormwind Currency Edit

Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion, or Golden Bars, are the primary means of large transactions within the Eastern Kingdoms. They are smelted from high quality Gold and are often stamped with the sigil of the organization that owns them. While most are kept in banks in reserve, Gold Bullion are often melted down and made into coins or jewelry.

Gold Sovereign

The largest denomination of currency minted by the Kingdom is the sovereign, a gold coin weighing around eight grams on average. The exact weight has varied over the years, and no individual coin weighs the same as every other due to the practice of shaving and clipping coins to secrete away wealth by tax collectors and other officials. The sovereign is accepted almost universally as great numbers of them were minted from the once prosperous gold mines of Westfall and Elwynn Forest, seized by the Horde, and dispersed across the world.

Silver Groat

The silver groat is the next major coin in Stormwind's currency, though there are a number of intermediate valued denominations (e.g. the Crown, worth half the Sovereign, and the half-crown). The silver groat is the most commonly seen coinage among soldiers, merchants, and the burgeoning middle class. It commands reasonable buying power for its weight - usually around three to four grams - though it is often debased with tin and other metals.

Copper Pennies

The most common coin of all, a single penny is of very little value. Instituted in an endeavour to provide a shift away from barter (and, some dwarven economists have slyly noted, introduced at a time in which Stormwind's copper industry was experiencing difficulties...), the pennies weigh around half a gram. They are commonly used to pay labourers, petty craftsmen, and for small-level transactions. The penny's value is largely fiat, rather than material.

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