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The Spellswords and the War Wizards of the Battlemage Corps work tirelessly to provide their superiors with a broader view of Magical Warfare. In the decades that have passed since their Kingdom was decimated during the Orcish Wars, the Stormwind Army has determined that its failure to counter the Orcish warlocks had costed them great losses in the war. The Stormwind Battlemage Corps ensures that mistake will never happen again.

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Of the dozens of mages from the tower of Sarceline, only a handful managed to survive the war. Mathias Montclair worked diligently to rebuild the destroyed tower in Mirwood. As the Age of Chaos ravaged the north, many wizards from Dalaran sought refuge in Stormwind and later joined the Stormwind Circle of Magi. A handful enlisted within the Westridge reserve. Tiral Emerson, Zanbor Arentis and Beauregard Galimus were amongst the most prominent, each building upon the circle and serving the regiment proudly.

Dalaran's return to prominence during the war against the Lich King lured many of Stormwind's magi back into its fold. Faced with the loss of many of its most prominent wizards, the Mage Circle of Sarceline shifted its focus from research to providing the best battle magi the kingdom could offer. Inspired by the ferocity of a number of the mages, most notably that of the pyromancer, Gaige Coleman, Duke Maxen founded the Cabal of the Burning Sword to serve as an order of mage-knights in service to the Royal Army.

Mathias Montclair, having suffered grievous wounds during his tour in Draenor, relinquished leadership of the Circle of Sarceline to Archmage Aldrazar Stoneforge. A veteran of the Orcish Wars, Aldrazar stood as a member of the Cabal and mage instructor for those who remained in the ivory tower, keeping the Circle functioning.

Since that time, the Mage Circle has been granted new leadership in the up and coming mage Roy Sebale, a talented but young man whose keen mind has been recognized as one that can lead the Circle into an uncertain future. While he is not an Archmage in his own right, and will need many years to claim that title, his other accomplishments within the First Regiment have not gone unnoticed and have put him in the position to lead the Mage Circle.

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As a chapter of the Stormwind Circle of Magi, the Battlemage Academy employs its own hierarchy that remains mostly separate from the Royal Army. The Battlemage Academy follows the will of High Sorcerer Andromath, the appointed leader of the Stormwind Circle of Magi.

Apprentice – Those who show interest in or an affinity to magic may be taken into the Circle at the title of Apprentice. Under normal circumstances, an apprentice becomes a student of the Mirwood Circle of Magi and their training is augmented under the tutelage of a journeyman or wizard. At this stage they must learn the basics, or show they know the basics, of magic. 

Magus – Once a mage’s apprenticeship has been completed and the person has made the rank of Private, he or she graduates to the title of Magus. These magi are considered senior among their fellow students and continue their training into more advanced classes of magic. Magus must start to look at where they want to direct their studies, focusing in on a school of magic and deciding on taking the path of a spellsword or a battlemage.

Journeyman – After an individual has progressed into the title of Journeyman, he or she becomes a fully-recognized member of the circle, gaining the ability to experiment without direct oversight and garner further knowledge through self study. While they still must gain permission from a wizard to run these experiments, they do not need a wizard directly overseeing their experiment at every stage.

Once at this rank, the individual is fully recognized as a spellsword or battlemage. These mages are allowed and encouraged to take on additional responsibilities to aid the circle in advancement and growth. They are also permitted to teach Magus-level classes under the supervision of a wizard of the circle.

Wizard – Once a mage has shown themselves both a leader and an asset within the circle, they may be appointed to the title of Wizard by the a member of the Cabal, approval by all acting wizards, or the master mage. These individuals are considered paragons of the circle and serve as peer advisors to the master mage and as instructors to all lowers classes, having mastered at least one school of magic or showing extensive knowledge on all matters magical. They are also allowed to oversee and approve experiments for those of lower rank. Wizards seeking to run a formal experiment must seek approval from another wizard or a member of the circle of higher rank. 

Cabalist - An elite sect of the Circle of Sarceline is made up of wizards who have been granted the title of Cabalist within the Cabal of the Burning Sword. Having passed the Mage's Gauntlet, cabalists are advanced spellcasters and often scholars in their respective fields. War mages and mage knights are found within its ranks. The master mage is solely responsible for approving aspiring wizards for advancement into the Cabal.

Master Mage – The leader of the Mage Circle of Sarceline and the Mage's Circle of Sarceline is given the title of Master Mage, addressed formally as Magister. The master mage must oversee the everyday operations of the circle and ensure that its standards of safety are upheld in its dealings with the arcane. The master mage must report the current status of the Mage Circle regularly to the Duke of Westridge and the Stormwind Circle of Magi.

Path of Progression Edit

A typical Magi will progress slowly within the Regiment at first, even though they are automatically placed within the Battlemage Academy. This is to ensure that they are a good fit for the Regiment before the Mage Trials are given. A Magi Recruit of the First Regiment will be placed as an Apprentice unless otherwise decided by a Cabalist or the Master Mage himself.

The path of progression looks like this

After the Apprentice has shown their dedication to the Regiment, as well as helped participate in the Academy's exams and tests, they will be promoted to the rank of Magus.

At the rank of Magus, you will be given the Mage Trials. After completion of two of the Trials, you will be given the rank of Joruneyman. After completing all six trials, and having been hatted at your Wizard Ceremony, you will be given the title of Wizard.

Once you have completed your trials as a Wizard, you may be invited to take the Mage Gauntlet, which consists of four additional trials. The Trial of the War-Mage, Trial of the Spell-Hunter, and Trial of the Mage-Knight. The final trial is kept secret.

Apprentice → Magus → Journeyman → Wizard → Cabalist

Division Leader Edit


Sir Roy Sebale is the young and enigmatic Master Mage of the Sarceline Circle of Magi, and the Stormwind Battlemage A cademy. He certainly did not start as such. Having started out as a timid, if incessantly happy young man, Roy joined the Westridge Ducal Guard as a means to harden himself as a defender of the realm. Upon discovering his innate magical abilities as a sorcerer, Roy enrolled in the Mage Circle of Sarceline and quickly advanced as a prodigal student.

The keen mind and proven capability to lead Roy honed over eleven separate campaigns and deployments earned him the title of Master Mage of the Sarceline Circle of Magi and knighthood within the Brotherhood of the Horse. As an abjurist, he constantly trains to make stronger shields to defend his fellow soldiers and the Kingdom of Stormwind at large. Sir Roy's knowledge of the arcane has expanded tremendously since becoming a wizard, and then the master mage, allowing him to advise the duke in magical matters and lead the Mage Circle into the future against Stormwind’s many enemies.

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The various Combat Roles that members of the Battlemage Corps may take on and their associated requirements shall be listed below.

Apprentice Edit

Apprentice's are the initiates of the Battlemage Corps. They are heavily monitored by their superiors in order to ensure that they do not become corrupt by the Arcane, as well as to evaluate their progress with casting incantations.

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Apprentice's Robes

Apprentice's Staff

Apprentice's Shortsword

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Recruit of the First 'Honor' Company, Elwynn Brigade.

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Battlemagi are the seniors within the Battlemage Corps. They have proven themselves to the First 'Honor' Company, and to the Battlemage Corps. The Battlemage is responsible for ensuring the safety of their fellow soldiers on the battlefield and are capable of providing aid in the field of battle.

Equipment Edit

Battlemagi's Robes

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