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Though wars have been won by the kingdoms of man with the sword and shield for centuries, many clever and useful weapons have been introduced to fill a myriad of purposes. Though it is possible you may never have to use any of these weapons in your career, it is necessary you are given at least the basic familiarity with them.

If you have not been issued these weapons, it is recommended that you prioritize practice with the sword and shield above all else. If you have been issued one or more of the following weapons, it is advised you seek out trained staff immediately for further training.

The majority of the information in this chapter has been gathered from

-- For information on available equipment, see Arms and Weaponry.

-- For information on weapon maintenance, see General Orders.

Written by Dame Alison Clement, Sir Valrik the Exalted, and Lieutenant Thaddeus Locke. Additional credit to Sir Reignsford

Axes & Maces Edit

Despite their appearance, axes and maces are fortunately not as different from the sword as one might be lead to believe. Indeed, techniques in using these weapons are practically identical to the downward cuts previously mentioned in this manual. However, there are some notable differences to bear in mind.

  • Your weapon can be controlled far easier by a skilled opponent
  • You cannot effectively thrust with these weapons
  • Edge-alignment matters!

With these notable differences in mind, it is recommended for any soldier with these weapons to eschew the use of the Tortoise's Guard entirely. Without a point to aim at the enemy, there is no threat being generated. Rather, remaining perpetually in the Bear's Guard will be far more effective.

Beyond this, the greatest thing a soldier can do to be effective with these weapons is to practice with them. They are weighted differently to a blade, and the effectiveness in cutting with them depends on how well you have acclimated to this weight. The more you swing these weapons, the more you can compensate for this difference in form.


Polearms Edit

It is unfortunate that the polearm is only covered in the Alternative Weapons chapter. In truth, its use to the common warrior of Stormwind is eclipsed only by that of the sword and shield, and only barely. Its usage, often mistaken to be solely against cavalry, is in truth the ideal weapon against both monsters and men alike, especially in any large battle. One should expect their commanders to demand a fluid, and quick rearmament to polearms or swords as the battlefield requires.

Guard Edit

To the aspiring halberdier, there is only one guard that we would recommend. In your stance, keep the haft of your weapon relatively low, while pointing your weapon directly at the enemy. Ensure that the polearm is slightly raised in doing so. The forward hand should be cupping beneath the spear, while the back hand should lay over towards the very end of the weapon.

The guard maximizes the use of the polearm's reach, and perpetually puts an opponent at risk should they advance upon you.

Thrust Edit

The great advantage with the polearm is that the guard in its own right is enough to halt a charge. Indeed, many a bane of an enemy horseman has been met by simply running into a trained footman with a spear. However, after this point it is important to thrust and constantly remain on the attack. The thrust with the polearm is fundamentally similar to the thrust with the sword, yet requires practice all the same.

To execute a thrust from the guard, gather-step forward. In tandem, raise the back arm upwards to be about parallel with the shoulder; the hand should be parallel to the elbow. Keep the tip aligned thus that it is pointed at the opponent's head, as in the chaos it is likely to stray and hit anywhere else. Ensure that the front hand rises, but not higher than the back hand. Do not move your hands forward; the thrusts' power and reach comes from your step, not from your arms.

Immediately after executing the thrust, whether you've been parried, or you strike true, it is important to gather-step backwards, and reset to the guard.


Crossbow Edit

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