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Understanding the enemy is the first step to surviving and surmounting them. Keen awareness of a monster's skills and flaws, preparing to take advantage of their weaknesses while mitigating any of one's own, can mean the difference between life and death not just for the well read soldier but also for their entire team.

While this manual cannot introduce and parse all of the possible creatures that a soldier might happen upon in the field, it does offer the following segments which should be studied intently.

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The Rat-Men are a subterranean people who can most often be found within caverns or abandoned mines throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. Despite being relatively unintelligent and often craven in the face of peril, they can become extremely dangerous in groups of three or more. Some kobolds carry the gift of magic and are able to evoke fireballs the size of a man's head and others are able to commune with local elementals, sometimes successful in pleading for aid from their campfires or the dirt in the hovels they hide around.

Under the king's law, kobolds are considered Non-Citizen Species and may be freely hunted in the interest of sport or in the name of protecting human lands. When encountering a kobold, there is only one item of value to consider—their candles; despite typically being made of crude earwax, kobolds are viciously protective of these items and any perceived threat to mistreat or steal them may rile an entire pack into attacking.


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Only within the last generation did the Fish-Man menace first appear upon Stormwind's shores; they are a crafty, savage, and brutal people known to skulk and haunt the edges of every river and lake—prowling for easy prey that may be dragged back to their shanty stream-villages for sacrifices to the false nautical gods that they worship.

Be advised that, although classified as a Non-Citizen Species like the Kobolds aforementioned, these creatures are dangerous and prefer to fight in packs that swarm over any would-be hunters. This tactic is as vital to them on land as it is on water, though on the former terrain a soldier of the crown is far more likely to survive, so it's highly recommended to devise an escape route when approaching a murloc village.


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