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All soldiers are required to understand certain formations. The majority of these formations are for drill and movement, such as the platoon formation and double-column respectively. Others, are general emergency formations designed to cover a myriad of battlefield scenarios.

However, given the sheer variety of enemies the Kingdom of Stormwind is expected to face, it was deemed necessary that any soldier is aware of some optimal compositions in the face of adversity. Despite all that has been discussed in these chapters, the greatest weapon of any soldier is teamwork.

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Regardless of the formation, the bedrock of all compositions is synchronized movements, or the act of moving together. Troops are advised to practice with their squad in gather-stepping together, raising shields together, and even thrusting together. In the Second War, the warriors of humanity proved the victor not through raw, brute strength, or even technical mastery, but their willingness to work together and fight as if ten men were one.

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