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Roy Sebale is a native Stormwind citizen. His father fought in the first war, retiring shortly after from Stormwind's army to settle down with his wife. Many years later Roy's older brother and he were born. 

Growing up he worked in his parent's general goods store, always taught respect and discipline due to his father's background. The two children looked up to their father, wanting to follow in his footsteps. Roy's brother joined the Stormwind Navy while Roy has joined the First Regiment of Stormwind's Army, taking the chance to spend his life as a soldier as soon as he possibly could. Technically he joined when he was 16, lying about his age. 

He initially joined the First Regiment and was deployed to Uldum, during their campaign in the desert landscape. However, during the final encounter with an Old God minion he was blasted mercilessly by its magic and left severely wounded, losing much of the memory of the few months preceding that incident and after.

He spent many months in Stormwind being treated by priests for this malady and eventually was made healthy enough to be able to rejoin the First Regiment. Though he had forgotten much of what he had experienced, he knew he still wanted to pursue that path despite what people had told him had happened. Thus, he rejoined the First and was retrained.

He’s since been on campaigns with the First in the Barrens hunting down a mutineer captain and necromancers, the Hinterlands to aide the First’s allies, Stranglethorn Vale to aid in the protection and establishment of Kingsland, and the protection of Stromgarde from the Horde.