The Barony of Rivershore defines the borders of Fairpeak by the wild and ferocious river that cuts along the edge of the County. The river is home to two important bridges with attached towns that act as trade points and strategic locations for the region. Sarton is the largest town, capping the southeast end of the river, home to skinners, tanners, hunters, and butchers. Llyne, the southwestern and second-largest town, is home to tailors, alchemists, and jewelcrafters. The two towns enjoy a friendly rivalry with each other, but are ruled over from their towers by the same Baron, rather than from a central keep. Multiple other smaller villages line the riverbank, often subsistence communities based upon fishing or hunting.

Weather in Rivershore is often very wet and chilled, too warm for snow but too cold for comfort. Precipitation from the mountains melts before reaching Rivershore and fall in bitter showers that blanket the region for days on end. Considered a hard and grim place to live by many, Rivershore is nonetheless home to some of the most stout and resolute people of Westridge that can be found. Hardened patriotism is a byword here, and even during tougher times Rivershore resisted the wave of crime that swept through most of Fairpeak.

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