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This page will serve as a listing of all commonly used Role-playing Resources that members are encouraged to use. Many players use third-party addons and website to gain a more immersive role-playing experience. Each of the following resources has been carefully vetted so that they are safe for any member of the guild to use!

Note: This page was last updated on 9/12/2017.

Roleplaying Addons Edit

Role-playing addons that members are encouraged to use shall be listed here. It is recommended that you install the Twitch Desktop Client so it can handle the installation of the following mods!
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Total Roleplay Edit

In-Game RP Profile

(Curse Link)

Total Roleplay gives the player the ability to display an impressive in-game profile of their character including their history, physical description, first and last name, any titles they may hold, and several first glance icons. It includes several other features, like being able to find other role-players on the in-game map, issue quests, and create non-usable items for role-playing purposes.

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Emote Splitter Edit

Removes Chat Limit

(Curse Link)

Emote Splitter removes the two-hundred and fifty character chat limit, allowing players to write out detailed emotes regarding their character’s actions. Without this addon, a player may find themself unable to contain their emote within the limit offered to in the base game. With this addition, a player may express their character in with several paragraphs at a time.

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Misspelled Edit

In-Game Spellchecker

(Curse Link)

Misspelled is an in-game chat addon that highlights misspelled words and offers corrections. It accomplishes this through a HunSpell compressed dictionary, the same spell-checker used in browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Misspelled offers suggestions based on words that audibly sound like the misspelled word. This addon includes dictionaries for US-English, UK-English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish languages.


Roleplaying Resources Edit

Other websites and resources that members are encouraged to use will be listed here.

Tfr incarnate

Inkarnate Edit

Online Map Creator

(Main Website)

Inkarnate is an online map creating tool that anyone can use to draw maps for role-playing use. Inkarnate has a wide variety of map icons, background textures, and environmental assets that allow users to make maps fit for a dungeon mastered role-playing campaign!

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