Turalyona Quinn Crooke, born Turalyona Quinn Sorrow, hails from an unremarkable line of bastards in the former Duchy of Strom's March. Her father, Edris Sorrow, earned himself a place among Azeroth's great defenders by volunteering to accompany the Alliance Expedition beyond the Dark Portal. Turalyona, named in honor of the Expedition's famous commander, was born at Honor Hold, having never seen her homeworld. When the worlds of Outland and Azeroth were reconnected, Turalyona quickly found her way into the military of the Kingdom of Stormwind, eager to reconnect with her homeland and prove herself worthy of her father's bloodline. Her primary deployment was to Pandaria as an infantrywoman with the Third Regiment. She was honourably discharged after she married and became pregnant, and she retired to the Duchy of Westridge with her family and began training in the legal profession. She has since returned to service as a member of the Judge Advocate General Corps, with an eye towards continuing to serve her kingdom, even with her responsibilities at home.

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With bright red hair, sharp facial features, and steely eyes the color of the sea, this woman continues to command attention, as one would expect of her namesake, even as she reaches the end of the springtime of her life. She keeps her fiery hair short, never letting it fall below her shoulders and often keeping it cropped in a more masculine military style. Her physique is that of a common soldier, well-muscled but lanky, lacking the bulk of a proper, well-bred knight; her years in retirement, however, have left her body softer than she remembered. Despite this, she still presents a confident, stoic visage, and the sharp, condemning crack of her voice, honed by war, the law, and parenthood, still demands the respect she is due.



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October 3, 32 LC*

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Elwynn Brigade

1st Regiment

7th Royal Infantry Battalion "Westridge Infantry"

1st Company "Honor Company"

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Westbrook Garrison, Duchy of Westridge

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Formerly of the Third Regiment

Honourably Discharged on February 6, 34 LC

Re-enlisted December 24, 39 LC

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