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Pridion Greycliff is an active-duty Lieutenant in the Stormwind Army assigned to the First Regiment under Grand Marshal Maxen Montclair. He currently serves as the regiment's supply officer and as the leader of its engineering corps. Additionally, he holds the title and position of High Inquisitor in the Stormwind Inquisition of the Church of the Holy Light.


Standing at an average height with a toned, supple build, Pridion's body is one born of conflict and combat. Scars riddle his exposed skin and are a testament to a life lived harshly and deliberately. And yet there is a decidedly casual air about him as he moves from place to place and task to task - as if he's detached himself from his surroundings and their goings-on.

His face is a handsome one, angular with freckles splashed across his nose. A large and noticeable scar sits there as well, cutting from one cheek to the other - his most prominent feature facial feature alongside a pair of intense green eyes. His natural red hair is kept neat, the top longer and styled and the sides short in contrast. And wherever he goes, a strong scent of cinnamon follows him like a cloud, leaving its spicy aroma to linger in his wake as he walks by.


The details of Pridion's history are - to all those but himself - a complete mystery. What is known (or rather, the only information he is willing to divulge) is that he was born somewhere in Westfall to a mother and father who died to a bandit attack when he was a child, leaving him an orphan for most of his life.

His life afterward is a subject that the man refuses to address when asked, and he will either force a change in subject or completely ignore any questions regarding his early history. The only other information he has offered in regards to his past is that he spent a fair amount of his childhood in Tanaris.

At some point, Pridion returned to the Eastern Kingdoms as an adult and enlisted in the Stormwind Army where he still serves today as his unit's logistics officer. He also joined the Church of the Holy Light and now leads the Stormwind Inquisition as its First Inquisitor.


Kristiana Greycliff - Pridion's wife, a fellow officer and priestess in the First Regiment and the proclaimed "love of his life." The two were initially introduced during Kristiana's tour of Westbook Garrison but later bumped into each other outside duty hours. This meeting became the first of many conversations and visits and an intimate friendship quickly formed between them.

Though Pridion had been in a relationship at the time of their meeting, circumstances eventually led to an amicable separation between himself and his partner. His friendship with Kristiana continued to develop and after a time both of them realized their growing attraction for each other. Kristiana was the first to directly challenge the status quo of their relationship while Pridion was quick to encourage a romantic attachment that ultimately led to their eventual marriage. They are now expecting their first children - twins - in the summer.