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The Order of Saint Zeliek is a small chapter of penitent Death Knights that serve within Stormwind’s Royal Army. Due to the events following the Fourth War regarding the Shadowlands, the Kingdom commissioned these Knights to serve closely within the Royal Army, under the guidance of the Diocese of Westridge. The Knights of Saint Zeliek are a mixture of third and fourth generation Death Knights that have forsaken the unholy magics bestowed upon them in undeath. Instead, the Order intends to uphold the Three Virtues of the Light: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. In addition, the Order places particular emphasis on restraint and penitence of their members. All Death Knights that seek to provide military service within the First "Honor" Company of the Elwynn Brigade are required to join the Order of Saint Zeliek.


After​ the events of the fourth war, the Lich King saw fit to raise another generation of Death Knights to serve him against a coming darkness he foresaw. Unlike the third generation Death Knights of Acherus these Knights risen by Bolvar Fordragon maintained their own free wills and minds of their previous lives. It is an understatement to say that many were dismayed at their second life, but most understood the duty that was being entrusted to them. All of these Knights were joined with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and by extension the Alliance and Horde.

A small group of the Ebon Blade were malcontent with using death’s powers, even if it was in the defense of their living families and friends. They came together in veneration of Sir Zeliek, the Horseman who held faith in the Holy Light so strong that even in undeath the Light answered his call. A tragic hero was Sir Zeliek, for his body was not his own in undeath and his mind suffered to watch as it committed actions contrary to his will. Blessed with freedom of their bodies, the like-minded Death Knights cast off all use of necromantic and blood magics and devoted themselves to the Light. Together this group of Ebon Blade Death Knights became the Order of Saint Zeliek. 

The Order was still a part of the Ebon Blade, but functioned primarily under the command of the King of Stormwind, as all within the Order were members of the Alliance. After announcing themselves and their ultimate goals, it was decided that they would be placed under the supervision of the Church of the Light and the Stormwind Inquisition. Specifically the Knights of Saint Zeliek would serve within the First “Honor” Company of the Elwynn Brigade, with the Diocese of Westridge being the arm of the Church they report to. 

The Order’s abrupt addition to the rank and file of the Stormwind Royal Army certainly caused no shortage of distrust in the Order’s intentions. Many still harbor the old grudges of times past, memories of rabid, warmongering killing machines that show no remorse, nor mercy. That was to be expected, in the Order’s eyes, who believed that it must be their actions that must stitch the divide between them and their comrades shut.


The Order of Saint Zeliek is not a branch of the church proper. Rather they are a separate organization that functions under the church’s supervision. This oversight is to help encourage the tenets of the church’s teachings, the applications of the Three Virtues, and assist these Death Knights in their ultimate goal of attaining reconciliation with the Light. The church’s members also discourage and punish the use of the forbidden blood and unholy magics.

Despite not being an official subsection of the church, the ranking structure of the Order of Saint Zeliek does take some inspiration from them.​​​​​​​ In order to proceed through the ranks of the Order, initiates must display their dedication to the path through both works on and off the field, as well as taking various trials that commulate with being officially considered a Brother or Sister of the Order. The ranks progress in the following manner:

Supplicant -> Brother/Sister ->* Eldest Brother/Sister

Supplicant - After swearing the Saint Zeliek Oath the Recruit will be considered a Supplicant of the Order of Saint Zeliek. They are tasked with all the duties of a typical soldier of their rank, but held to a high regard in how they perform their duties. The expectation is that they will exhibit the three virtues in almost all their actions

Brother/Sister - After successfully completing the Trials of Restraint, Resolve and Penance the Supplicant will be considered a Brother or Sister within the Order. While retaining all duties of the Supplicant rank, the Brothers and Sisters of the Order will have emphasis on their personal progression on the path toward reconciliation with the Light. They are of course still expected to assist with the Postulant and Supplicant members of the Order to ensure their way along the path is successful.

Eldest Brother/Sister - The Eldest Brother or Sister is the leader of the Order of Saint Zeliek. Only one Brother or Sister may be at the rank of Eldest Brother or Sister at a time. Generally they are the most senior of the Order as well. They still must fulfill all the duties of a regular Brother or Sister of the Order, but can be called upon for guidance and the direction of the Order when executive decisions are necessary.


To become a full member of the Order, a Postulant must take the Saint Zeliek Oath. The Postulant is not required to do so until just prior to the Trial of Restraint, but is allowed to take the oath at any point after declaring their intent to walk the Order’s path. The administration of the oath will be supervised by either the Eldest Brother or Sister, or a regular Brother or Sister. Other personnel may be present, and the presence of a member of the Inquisition is highly encouraged.

The Oath is as follows:
"I, (The Postulants full name), vow my undying days in penitence for the greater will of the Holy Light. I vow that I will always treat others with respect, even as I shall receive none. I vow to always walk this path with tenacity, though many will scorn my steps. I vow to be a beacon of compassion, even as I will never be recognized. I vow to an unlife of restraint, even when my greatest foes draw near. I resolve to this path with all of my will.

I vow not to cause harm to those that might be reasoned with words. I vow not to use the unholy magics granted me by the grave, under penalty of death. I vow not to shirk the blessings of the Holy Light, even when they weigh heavy. I vow not to disobey my elders, or disrespect their guidance along this path. I vow not to forsake the Holy Light, lest I be forsaken by it and my brothers and sisters. May the unending shadow take me if I should fail on this path."


Knight of Zeliek[]

The Knight's of Saint Zeliek are equipped in steel plate armor painted white to mirror the coloration of Sir Zeliek's own armor. Generally this armor is not blessed by the church, as the blessings would likely cause more hinderance in combat than help to the Death Knight. Even so, the Order's Knights are fearsome foes upon the battlefield, bringing frost and runic magic to destroy their foes and protect their allies. The Order of Saint Zeliek provides a wide selection of weaponry for the Knights, such as two handed Runeblades, Runeaxes and one handed variants as well.



  • Sworn the Oath of the Order of Saint Zeliek

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