The County of Mirwood is a temperate forested region comprising most of central and eastern portions of Westridge. Climate in Mirwood is idyllic, with the worst of weather rarely exceeding a thunderstorm or thick snowfall. At its eastern border, Elwynn Forest itself extends into Mirwood thick with lush foliage and old-growth oak. On the western border the milder foothills of the county offer rolling plains that support many crops. With its central location relative to the other regions of Westridge, Mirwood enjoys significant influence simply by dominating most traffic between counties.

The Mirwood Rangers and their sanctuary at Oakhall are located here, as are the rare members of Westridge’ reclusive druidic order. Also within Mirwood can be found the old mage tower, where raw arcane energies crackle with unfathomable power. The Mage Order of Sarceline train here not only for their own benefit, but to harness and temper the latent powers that threaten disaster if left unchecked. It is currently ruled by House De Vries.

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