Duke Maxen the Patient
Duke Maxen Montclair


Stormwind Human

Date of Birth

February 13th, 17 P.C.


Duke of Westridge
Patron of the Brotherhood
Knight of the Silver Hand
Grand Marshal of the Stormwind Army
Magistrate of Stormwind


The Just
The Patient
Bear of the Mountain


Kingdom of Stormwind

Order of the Silver Hand
Alliance of Lordaeron
Grand Alliance



Immediate Relatives

Albert Montclair (father)
Sandaria Claurice (mother)
Kimberly Montclair (wife)
Robert Montclair (son and heir)
Leopold Montclair (son)
Kinsley Montclair (daughter)
Brandon Hood (bastard son)

Lord Maxen Montclair currently reigns over the Duchy of Westridge, a mountainous land directly south of Stormwind City. He is well-known as a war hero and diplomat throughout the Grand Alliance and is a direct adviser and friend of King Anduin Wrynn as a speaker for the Stormwind House of Nobles. Duke Maxen funds and equips the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade, one of the most prestigious units of the Stormwind Army. He currently serves as a Grand Marshal of the Stormwind Army.

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