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Magnus Roland is the oldest remaining knight of the original Fairpeak nobility. It was Sir Magnus who convinced a cadre of knights to abandon the previous lord of Fairpeak and ride for Clairmont to beg the Duke’s assistance. It was Sir Magnus himself who pleaded on his knees for the Duke to save his people from bandit and beast. He had risked his lands, title, and his very life by betraying his lord for the common man of Fairpeak; and was eventually repaid by being named a Baron of Rivershore, the region he called home.

A veteran of the first and second orcish wars, Magnus Roland was grievously wounded on the battlefield when his horse collapsed atop him. The injury shattered his leg and caused great internal injuries, and though he made a magnificent recovery, the clerics were unable to save his leg. Magnus was given great honors for his performance on the battlefield, but it would prove to be the last time he would fight. Now old and fat, Magnus has spent the last many years serving as local counsel for the people of Rivershore. Even during the worst of times, he refused to leave with the other nobility and stayed with his people.

Unable to prove himself physically, he had long since become something of a bookworm and master administrator. He is known for his thick beard, rosy cheeks, and sullen expressions. Magnus is slow to laugh but proves an easy friend. He makes use of a custom made chair with wheels, allowing his page to push him around his manor.

Knight-Captain Gwyin allowed the old disabled knight to remain in this context as his presence in the region was paramount to its stability by the time 3rd Company had arrived. Indeed, it was only through the efforts of Magnus that crime had not completely taken over the two towns. He had already been solving minor domestic disputes between locals, organizing a regular deputy patrol for security, and brokering trade policies that offer Rivershore economic growth - and so Gwyin found little need to interfere.

Upon 3rd Company's departure from Fairpeak, it was an easy choice when Knight-Captain Gwyin was asked by the Duke who would best be suited to manage Rivershore. In payment for his loyalty and efforts, Magnus was named Baron and granted legitimacy as a fully-fledged and landed Lord of Westridge. Despite being titled, he for obvious reasons cannot make use of the tall towers and remains in his humble home. He is the Baron of Rivershore and lord of House Roland.