The Barony of Laval is a holding comprised of a mountain pass which leads from the ducal seat of the Duchy of Westridge into the heartland of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Laval is currently ruled by House Asoldel, which reaps the rewards of taxing travel through the pass.

The Laval Road has always been a tolled route- the cost for security and speed in comparison for many other paths, which are infested with bandits or go around the mountainous ranges for miles. Indeed, Laval itself has a reputation for being one of the most secure regions in the kingdom (though little is said for the nearly-inaccessible mountain ranges around it).

However, as of late the Lord Asoldel has been abusing his monopoly on travel, raising prices incredibly high in comparison to his predecessors. Though this alone is hardly much issue, one most also keep watch for the rumors of Asoldel mercenaries pillaging travelers as they pass, no different than the bandits of old.

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