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"Sister Kristiana" - Artist: Mas Mas


Kingdom of Stormwind


February 11th, 17 L.C.
Westfall, Kingdom of Stormwind


Private of the First Regiment
Tyro of the Diocese of Westridge


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stormwind
Stormwind Army
Diocese of Westridge


Richard Clarke (Father)
Mary Clarke (Mother)
Catherine Du Mortain (Aunt)
Reginald Du Mortain (Uncle)


Church of the Holy Light


Military Service


Kingdom of Stormwind


Stormwind Army

Years of Service

40 L.C. - Present
(The First Regiment)



"Enlighten my mind with truth;
Inflame my heart with love;
Inspire my will with courage;
Enrich my life with service.

Sister Kristiana Clarke is a seminarian of the Church of the Holy Light and a Private of the First Regiment. She is relatively unknown in most circles, having come from a small farming family and spending most of her formative years in cloistered religious study. At present, her efforts are focused on regimental training, continued theological education, and preparing for ordainment.

Description Edit

Kristiana is a young woman of average stature and slender build. Simple robes of lightweight linen hang from her body in a shapeless cascade, displaying only a modest and undefined form. In another lifetime she might have been a great beauty, for she has all the natural features that would suggest the potential. Yet, her present incarnation is kept unremarkable and plain; Her skin is unblemished but pale, her hair soft and golden but tucked away from view. She is sparsely embellished with any decorative wear, and those that are visible are requirements of her rank or station.

Personality Edit

Kind Edit

While she herself has led a relatively sheltered upbringing, Kristiana is not ignorant of the world's hardships or the effects such a life has on those who suffer through them. She knows that her own being is the very product of others' kindness and compassion and seeks to offer the very same to those who are willing to accept it - and on several occasions, those who would rather not. She firmly believes a little kindness can go a long way and strives to bring even the smallest smile where and when she can.

Insightful Edit

Though she is often characterized as being infallibly optimistic and at times naive, Kristiana possesses a natural gift of insight and intuition. She enjoys "reading" people and strives to understand their motivations, actions, and feelings - even if she does not necessarily agree with them. This not only gives her the ability to make friends among those who walk very different and separate lives, but she is also sometimes able to coax people into showing aspects of themselves that are rarely seen or expressed.

Devoted Edit

A laywoman of the Church of the Holy Light, it is generally expected that Kristiana would be devoted to her faith. Her unwavering dedication, however, is not limited to her spiritual beliefs. She also holds unshakable fealty to those she calls friends and to the causes she believes in, even willing to put herself in harm's way to support and uphold them. While some may call her headstrong or even stubborn at times, she cannot be charged with being inconsistent when it comes to that which she holds true and dear. To those who have gained her deepest and sincerest trust and respect, a more caring and steadfast companion would be difficult to find.

Gentle Edit

Kristiana, as one might expect, is a gentle soul with pleasant mannerisms. She abhors the idea of violence and aggression while also understanding that they are sometimes necessary - especially in times of war. In her heart of hearts, she wishes for peace and harmony but knows that even her own actions and beliefs must be tempered by reality. Even so, she prefers to approach situations without violence when possible and takes no pleasure in death, conflict, or despair.

Creative Edit

Both a thinker and a lover of stories, Kristiana has a vivid and expansive imagination. She often creates her own tales based on those she meets and is particularly drawn to narratives of adventure and romance. She considers herself a far better writer than an artist but is just as inclined to paint or draw when the inspiration strikes her. However, her creativity has the ability to manifest into far more practical applications than that of a simple hobby. While she is no expert strategist or tactician, she sometimes offers unexpected and innovative solutions to situations where more traditional methods cannot be used.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Kristiana is the first-born and only child of Richard Clarke and his wife, Mary. Her entry into the world was a difficult one, leaving young Kristiana with a sickly constitution that was made all the worse by her family's impoverished situation. Her mother, who never recovered from the initial birth, grew progressively more ill and succumbed to her condition when Kristiana was four years old.

On hearing of her sister's death, Lady Catherine Du Mortain arrived at the Clarke farmstead and took physical and legal guardianship of her young niece. Richard, grieved as he was to lose his daughter, agreed to be parted from her in the hopes that she would receive all the advantages that a formal education and comfortable living could provide. And so Kristiana left her father and her family's home to take up residence with her aunt in at her estate.

Education Edit

Kristiana spent her first year in her aunt's care as a sickly child in recovery, slowly overcoming her illnesses and coming into good health. Once she was deemed strong enough, she joined her cousins and received her earliest education under the direction of a governess and eventually began more advanced lessons through dedicated tutors and instructors. Among these lessons were those that focused on the Light and the Three Virtues, taught to the children by the local vicar. Kristiana found herself naturally drawn to these teachings - an interest that was heavily encouraged by her aunt. Lady Catherine believed that by joining the Church, Kristiana could live a secure and respectful life equal to that of any noblewoman.

As the years passed, Kristiana's passion for the Light and its teachings grew - as did her desire to help others in need. She became a daily visitor to the local vicarage, volunteering her time to the poor and unfortunate, and visited the Cathedral of Light whenever she could. Having shown her convictions to live a life dedicated to the Light, her aunt and uncle arranged for Kristiana to live in the capital while she attended seminarian lessons.

Laity Edit

Kristiana continued her lessons and education in a cloistered life and eventually took her vows to become a sister of the Church. The walls of the Cathedral kept her shielded from the worst of the ongoing wars and conflicts, and in time, Kristiana found herself unsatisfied with her passive life. The Light, she believed, existed beyond any walls and should be brought to those most in need of it. With this in mind, she began looking into ways to continue her education while also actively serving those who could benefit from her skills as a servant of the Light.

A revelation came in the form of her father, now a Captain in the Stormwind army. She told him of her plans, and he shared his thoughts of the Light as he - a soldier of common birth - understood them to be. This conversation inspired her to follow her father's footsteps in joining the military, where she hoped to bring much-needed skills and council to the common soldier.

Recruitment Edit

Confident in the merits of her new plan, Kristiana spoke to her aunt and uncle and received their blessings as well as their expressed concerns regarding the nature of military life. Having promised to write regularly as proof of her continued wellness, Kristiana followed her reluctant father to an enlistment post within Stormwind City and signed all the paperwork required of her. Her father offered his own endorsement in the form of a written recommendation, and in short order, her application was approved and her unit assigned to her.

Kristiana arrived at Westbrook Garrison as instructed and met with an officer of the First Regiment. After answering questions to verify her skills and background, Kristiana was given a quick tour of the regiment's headquarters and issued the appropriate military gear before setting off towards Westridge Chapel. There she made arrangements to reside at the nearby abbey and received new religious garments.

The weeks that followed were filled with training and individual study, and Kristiana devoted herself to learning the material. She soon settled into her duties as a healer and began to offer insight and religious council to those who asked it of her. As she now considered all those within the regiment to be her friends, her confidence in the decision to join and serve alongside them was quickly cemented.

Relationships Edit

Captain Richard Clarke Edit

Kristiana's father, born into a small Westfall family. Upon his father's death, Richard took over the family farm and did his best to eke out living from growing and selling wheat. He eventually met and fell in love with a youthful and spirited woman by the name of Mary Bertram, the youngest daughter of an affluent and noble Stormwind family. The affair was considered a terrible scandal among high society, made more so worse by the discovery of their secret elopement. Mary was effectively disowned by her family and spent her remaining days as a simple farmer's wife.

Her eventual death all but destroyed Richard, leaving him with little choice but to accept his wife's sister's offer to take Kristiana away. Shortly after her departure, Richard abandoned Westfall and his dying farm to join the kingdom's military, where his commission was paid for in secret by his daughter's stern but empathetic aunt. He has since devoted his life to his profession, visiting his daughter when he can and becoming a major influence in her decision to join the military later on in life.

Lady Catherine Du Mortain Edit

Kristiana's maternal aunt and a noblewoman of Stormwind. The eldest daughter of a Stormwind nobleman, Catherine was well-known in her youth for both her regal bearing and cleverness of mind - traits that have only matured in potency over the years. She eventually married into House Du Mortain to the first son of the then-reigning Baron of Highbury, becoming the Lady of Highbury Manor. Having taken in Kristiana in as her husband's ward, she diligently raised her niece alongside her own children and ensured her education and eventual placement within the Church. While many see Lady Catherine for her stern and rigid mannerisms, Kristiana insists that her aunt is truly kind and caring at heart and openly cherishes their relationship.

Lord Reginald Du Mortain Edit

Kristiana's benefactor and the current Baron of Highbury, Lord Reginald is the amiable and pleasant husband of Lady Catherine. Though their union was initially an arranged affair, Reginald and Catherine found themselves perfectly paired with each other, and their marriage has always been a happy one. When his wife proposed he take her niece on as his official ward, he was overjoyed with the idea and agreed full-heartedly to it. True to his word, Lord Reginald opened his home to Kristiana and treated her as if she were his daughter, doting on her as much as he did his own children. Kristiana credits her happy personality and good nature to her uncle's influence and writes to him often between visits.

Companions Edit

Marmalade Edit

Originally found behind the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, Marmalade was cared for and eventually adopted by Kristiana. He is still very young, only just out of kittenhood, and has effectively imprinted himself onto the young woman. His temperament is calm and affectionate, and he is usually found near Kristiana or carried in her arms. He seems to be a very patient cat, often being found in various states of dress and accessories made by his owner's loving hands.

Trivia Edit

  • Kristiana enjoys needlework, especially in the forms of sewing and knitting. Her personal wardrobe is fashioned almost entirely by her own hand, and scraps are often used to make stuffed toys for orphans.
  • Friends and acquaintances credit Kristiana to be an excellent cook. While she is fond of all types of cooking, she enjoys learning and perfecting regional recipes the most. To this end, she hopes to bring comfort and familiarity to those who partake of her cooking and is especially content to know her Westfall Stew and Redridge Goulash are her most frequently complimented fares.
  • Kristiana lacks the accent that is commonly found among Westfall residents, having left the area while still very young. Instead, she speaks in a notably prim and overly articulate manner - as was taught to her by her aunt and mentors - and seems to have some difficulty when trying to emulate more casual speech patterns. Despite this peculiarity, her friends consider her a fair and happy conversationalist. 
  • Though a lover of romance stories and their many inspired tales, Kristiana has never been in a relationship and thus lacks any personal experience in the area. When asked about it, she will admit her hopes for such an attachment, but in practice, she does not believe it a priority that needs remedying. She has faith that "the Light will provide" and instead directs her energy towards supporting the relationships of her friends.
  • Kristiana has very few personal effects of any notable value and most of what she owns can be kept in a single travel trunk. While the practice of modest living is common among religious devotees, she truly enjoys simplicity and feels living in excess to be both constricting and overly complicated.
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