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Kazren Stilltide
"Father Kazren"




Date Unknown


Prior of Westridge Priory


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stormwind
Order of Saint Riode


Kraska Vasburg (Father) †
Baerzel Stilltide (Mother)


Holy Light of Creation


Church of the Holy Light

Military Service


Kingdom of Stormwind


Stormwind Army

Father Kazren Stilltide is a half-orc currently in service to the First Regiment, serving as the Prior of Westridge Priory, the leader of the Order of Saint Riode, and a Sergeant of the First 'Honor' Company. A half-orc born to the Lordaeronian knight Sir Kraska Vasburg and the Frostwolf orc Baerzel Stilltide, Kazren's life has been one fraught with strife due to his heritage. Given the mistreatment given by his father and those around him, Kazren's early life was very influential in developing his moral code: that none should suffer the bonds of torment that he had been through.

Prior to his service to the Stormwind Army, Kazren worked with various mercenary outfits across Azeroth, with his last stint being with a group that operated out of Booty Bay.




"Apathy is death."

Kazren's upbringing was not a pleasant one, and even his venture into adulthood has been faced with hardships due to his orcish heritage. In spite of all of this, he does his best to remain as upbeat and outgoing as can be, seeking to show others that being a half-orc does not instantly make him an unwashed monster. While not a socialite by any means, he's never one to shy away from conversation; a skill picked up during his time working with various mercenary outfits down in Stranglethorn. He does, however, have a penchant for being extremely short with those who are unable to maintain their composure and those who fail to follow basic commands despite knowing better. These situations are few and far between though, and Kazren works to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

Though serving with the Stormwind Army, Kazren's true calling is to the Holy Light of Creation. More specifically, he is sworn to uphold the beliefs of the Order of Saint Riode, which is something he takes as seriously as can be. He does not have a zealot's fervor and he avoids openly proselytizing those who would rather not hear it, but his faith in the Light is something he holds dear. As such, he works to uphold the sanctity of the Light's teachings, and one can always find him thumbing through his prayer book when not in battle.


Meriliah Forger: One of Kazren's first friends within the regiment and one of the few to help the half-orc overcome any worries that he would be looked down upon for his heritage. With both sharing the same upbeat attitude, it was no surprise that they gravitated towards each other in social situations. Though the two have not spoken in many months, Kazren still holds this friendship close, holding out hope he may one day get to speak with the trickster again.

Lillian Smith: Though seemingly polar opposites personality wise, Kazren and Lillian have found much common ground in their similar accursed situations and upbringings. Understanding the strife Lillian suffers from, Kazren had worked to help ease her mind through conversation upon the Light or sharing stories of the past. Kazren trusts her completely, having been able to share with her stories only shared with his adoptive family.

Tsao Tsinguan: The lieutenant left a lasting impact on Kazren, both due to the fact that he worked alongside the soldiers as though he was one of them and due to the counsel he gave the half-orc during their deployment in Lordaeron. Tsao's death is something that personally affected Kazren as well, leading him to reign in his aloof nature and adopt a leadership style similar to the Lieutenant's, both out of respect and admiration for the late lieutenant.


  • Knowing that his appearance might be intimidating to some, Kazren does his best to speak in a calm, thoughtful, and warm manner. His accent has been, at times, described as Lordaeronian, though he's worked on keeping any of those upper crust inflections to a minimum.
  • Kazren has only one memento that belonged to his mother: a Frostwolf first-fang, one of the first teeth shed when a frostwolf's adult teeth begin to grow in. Orcs of the Frostwolf Clan often keep the first-fang of their animal companion as good luck charms.
  • Kazren has a penchant for the collection and preservation of antiques and relics, though whether this is out of care for their protection or simple treasure hunting tendencies is up for debate.
  • Kazren speaks Zandali with a Stranglethorn accent.