Jerath Terence Griswald (typically known as J. Terence Griswald) is a Lieutenant Junior Grade serving in the Stormwind Judge Advocate General Corps. Hailing from a notable merchant family from Stormwind City, Griswald was born into the first months of the First War, and spent his formative years in exile from his homeland. This time forcibly removed from his home left a deep psychological impact on the man, and many close to him would say he regrets not being able to serve in the Army back then. As it was, it was a different world when he came of age, and rather than go straight into the military, the death of Tiffin Wrynn at the hands of the Defias inspired him to instead pursue a legal career. He denies it, but there are rumors that he was a supporter of the Defias in their early days. However, by the time he had finished his legal education, he was an ardent monarchist, and after some time spent in independent practice, joined a Stormwind Guard regiment in order to springboard his career into the Judge Advocate General Corps. He was commissioned into the Judge Advocate General Corps in 28 LC.

Now a veteran military attorney, he has made the rounds of numerous courtrooms on the behalf of Stormwind's Armed Forces. He is seen as stern, dogmatic, and unbending; however, he is also loyal and determined. He is a man who puts Stormwind and His Majesty's Army first, and the individual second, a ideological balance any client of his must be aware of. He is the recipient of a Meritorious Conduct Medal, among other honours.

Author's Note: This is an NPC used as a military attorney, and is not an active guild player character.

Service Record: Jerath Terence Griswald Edit


Rank Edit

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Commissioned Edit

April 14, 28 LC

Status Edit


Detachment Edit

Judge Advocate General Corps

Stormwind Office

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Commendations Edit

Stormwind Long Service Medal - Stormwind, 33 LC

King Anduin Coronation Medal - Stormwind, 36 LC

Meritorious Conduct Medal - Stormwind, 35 LC

Stormwind Long Service Medal - Stormwind, 38 LC

Disciplinary Action Edit


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