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House Thorne, the Lords of Midcost, have been troublesome to House Hudson for generations. Considered an abrasive and unpleasant house to deal with, they nonetheless have a firm footing in the food industry of Westridge, controlling nearly an entire third of Westridge’s whole grain production. Due to this, they have enjoyed relative security simply by nature of what they do. Few houses have been willing to challenge the Thornes and risk even a temporary food shortage and accompanying civil unrest if they were to do so.

Rules over the Barony of Midcost


Comparatively wealthy thanks to owning most of the arable land in Whitecliffe, Thorne often held more influence over not just regional politics, but their own lords in House Hudson. Well armed with a respectable force of levies and funded by the proceeds of grain production that rarely shipped through the roads and ports of Bridgeport, House Thorne often had no need beyond tradition or law to cow to the demands of their local lords. Instead, Thorne has historically forged trade deals and defense agreements with neighboring House Jolley to create a near monopolistic control over the food supply in the Duchy.

Current Status[]

Unfortunately for House Thorne, the eventual resurgence of House Hudson has made their choices in loyalty a severe liability. The Lords of Midcost may be wealthy, but they have neither expected nor planned for the sheer threat of a House Hudson that can now afford a legion of rifle-armed troops to enforce their will. Among the courts of the Duchy, it is spoken of in hushed whispers that Hudson will eventually come to force a payment for the repeated insults - and blood will likely be spilled. Perhaps due to this, an unusual number of mercenary outfits have begun renting room and board in large numbers around the Barony, lured by the scent of money and conflict.

House Thorne takes seat at the Roselyn Thorne Mansion of Highgrove, commonly known as the “Rose Manor”, centrally located among the many gardens of the township. A beautiful whitewood built manor with open spaces and a famous rose garden, the Rose Manor is considered a remarkable example of Midcost architecture and is emulated in smaller form by many lesser lords and knights across Westridge.

Following Charlotte's treason to the throne, the new lord of House Thorne is her son, Baron Edmund Thorne.

As of June 26th, 41 LC. Baron Edmund Thorne was assassinated by the treasonous Knights of Thorne, likely under command from his own mother.