Originally a knightly house, the Rolands were a strong family with a great tradition of horsemanship and loyalty. Servinf Fairpeak and the House of Montclair with distinction, the Rolands were even one of the original owners of a Graygard, the Helmhand. When the First War arrived and decimated their numbers, the Rolands fled north with the Montclairs, but would not return in the same strength. By the time Westridge was retaken, the last surviving member had lost his leg and only remained a serving knight by title.

Lords over the Barony of Rivershore

History[edit | edit source]

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Years of slow decline since then have left the Rolands without any heirs or holdings to speak of. Unable to leverage his military service during the political jockeying for profitable holdings during the resettling of Westridge, and unable to secure a marriage that would build a family, they have by now been reduced to a single withering man well past his glory days. Thus, House Roland is a noble house that was raised with the knowledge that it would not last beyond this generation.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

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