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Lords over the Barony of Heartsgrove

House Reignsford was a common house, now raised into noble status. Through the grace of Duke Maxen Montclair and Baroness Cassandra Lyon, Thomas Reignsford was given the task of restoring life to a tainted land known as The Withering Wood, partitioning it from the remainder of Sarcelfen, thus creating the Barony of Heartsgrove. House Reignsford plans to take a conservationalist approach to the use of natural resources once it’s fully established.


Due to it's relatively young status, there is little significant history beyond that of its progenitor, Thomas Reignsford.

A commoner class family of hunters, leatherworkers, and herbalists, they lived by Stone Cairne Lake for generations prior to the First War. After fleeing to Stormwind City and eventually Lordaeron, the Reignsfords lived in Southshore for a brief time before returning to their homes once the lands had been reclaimed after the Second War. The following years were prosperous for the family and Thomas grew in his father's footsteps, taking up a life of hunting and providing leathers for vendors. Eventually when he came of age, Thomas married a woman named Shana Haggard, built a house of their own next to his parents, and in time had a child.

As world events unfolded, Thomas began to adventure out to new lands to supply various new leathers; Kalimdor, Northrend, even the alien world of the Outlands occaisonally. Thomas was on one such trip when the Cataclysm struck. The following invasion of Blackrock Orcs resulted in the lost lives of his parents and his wife. After griefing for sometime, Thomas resolved to do all he could to prevent other from suffering the same loss and joined the King's Army.

Rising in rank and earning accolades for his efforts, Thomas was raised into knighthood and then nobility.

Current Status[]

House Reignsford holds little power and influence in the political arena outside of Thomas' natural rustic charm and the respect he's earned for his personal achievements. Their holdings, the Barony of Heartsgrove, is a mere fraction per square mile of any other barony within the Duchy. Militarily, the Reignsfords command a paltry force of roughly 80 knights, men-at-arms, and archers combined. Though this is well within his required force obligations to his County overlord, House De Vries.

Rumors among the nobles of Westridge hint at greater challenges awaiting House Reignsford in the near future.

Family Tree[]

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