The House of Montclair serve as both the Dukes of Westridge and Lords of Clairmont, seated at Westridge Keep. House Montclair is a relatively humble Great House whose power and status is long since secure and nigh unquestionable. Largely regarded to be reliable and just, House Montclair has suffered very few challenges to their power, and have held these titles all the way back to the founding of Stormwind.

Lords over the Ducal Seat of Clairmont, County of Clairmont, and the Duchy of Westridge

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Due to their humble nature and small personal holdings, House Montclair relies almost entirely on Royal favor and loyalty of its many vassals to exert power. House Montclair does not maintain their own feudal forces outside of the Ducal Guard. Its members prefer instead to focus efforts on the Royal Army command it has been tasked with, and almost all members of age in the family serve the Royal Army in some context. The family boasts precious few sources of income but also maintains a modest budget. Very little spending is given to luxury or comfort. Clairmont remains a relatively inexpensive province with regards to feudal upkeep cost due to its lack of infrastructure and development. The House of Montclair has always preferred to maintain the natural beauty of the region and discourages settling in the County for this reason.

As Clairmont includes only the personal holdings of House Montclair, the heir to the Duchy is traditionally named the Lord of Clairmont. If there is no heir of age to fill the position, it can simply be held by the Duke himself.

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