Officers of the First Regiment (and in-game name):

  • Grand Marshal Maxen Montclair (Maxen)
  • Lord-Marshal Ismond Laldere (Ismond)
  • Knight-Captain Alison Clement (Alison)
  • Knight-Captain Julian Reynard (Reynardx)
  • Knight-Captain Roy Sebale (Roysebale)
  • Knight-Captain Thomas Reignsford (Reignsford)
  • Knight-Lieutenant Valrik Gallahan (Valrik)
  • Lieutenant Abigail Potter (Potter)
  • Lieutenant Kimberly Montclair (Kymberley/Beetha)
  • Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed (Witherseed)
  • Lieutenant Thaddeus Locke (Thaddeus)
  • Lieutenant Tilliea Furlbrow (Tilliea/Tillea)

You can use the command "/who first regiment" in-game to see who is online at the time.

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