The current County of Fairpeak was formerly a Bailiwick fief of the Duchy of Westridge. Adjacent to the holdings of the Stoneframe Clan, Fairpeak remained in deteriorating shape for quite some time, both isolated and neglected. As of 625K.C., the land has been reclaimed and partitioned by the Duke of Westridge with recent rebuilding and pacification efforts persisting throughout the land.

Fairpeak is a mountain valley that owns a large river leading into the waterfall delta and runoff into the Nazferiti River. In recent years Fairpeak had become a rare haven for highwaymen, Kobolds, and wolves following years of neglect. With the First Regiment once again patrolling the lands, the County has been cleared of most unwelcome inhabitants, though wolves still persist despite efforts to quell the roaming packs.

Holdings Edit

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