Lady Eva Germaine is the Mayor of Dogwood, a relatively peaceful and simple region previously part of Mirwood. Partitioned from the larger County shortly before the Northrend Campaigns, Dogwood was incorporated into the greater Bailiwick of Westbrook to provide housing for the sudden influx of fresh troops. Lady Germaine was the first Baronet appointed to the position of the new region and oversaw the construction of officer housing and several barracks. Aside from that, Dogwood is a heavily wooded area lacking any significant infrastructure beyond a few small beekeeping villages. White-gold Dogwood honey brings a steady flow of income to the region from the other noble houses in Westridge purchasing the sweet stuff, and allows Lady Germaine to continue maintaining and expanding the troop housing facilities as the various wars drag on.

Lady Eva Germaine is herself a woman of great poise and beauty. Once a quartermaster of the Royal Army, she brought with her a unique understanding of the responsibility her new title would demand. Despite the significant expense of building, Lady Germaine has been able to balance the local budget enough that only small expenditure by the Duke is necessary to pay for the expansion. She remains in good health and shows no signs of relinquishing her position any time soon.

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