Official baronial portrait of Lady C.V. Saint-Auguste of Augustholm (Art by bearcub)

Lady Clara Valyrie Saint-Auguste is a noblewoman of the Kingdom of Stormwind. She hails from House Saint-Auguste of Augustholm and has served twice as its baroness, albeit only briefly the first time before abdicating in favor of her younger sister Rhyana. She served briefly in both Stormwind's House of Nobles as Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce and Stormwind's Armed Forces as a soldier in the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade; however, she has since retreated back to her barony due to internal strife, where she remains to this day.

Description Edit

Clara is of average height, though she often seems taller due to her posture, a result of long hours spent in armor. She keeps her dirty blonde hair cut short, revealing a set of three small silver rings in each ear. Those who meet her cool, sharp eyes may feel as if she is sizing them up, as there is an analytical aspect to her gaze. Her irises are pale white and faintly luminiscent in the dark. She has a square face, but with high cheekbones that give her features some degree of elegance. When she speaks, she speaks loudly and curtly, with a faint accent marking her as being from Stormwind's southernmost holdings.

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December 28, 38 LC

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Honourably Discharged - April 14, 39 LC

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Elwynn Brigade

1st Regiment

7th Royal Infantry Battalion "Westridge Infantry"

1st Company "Honor Company"

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Not in Active Service

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