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The County of Clairmont is a mountainous region dominated by the rocky outcroppings and with little flat land or forest of its own. It is chilly year round, and often enjoys snowfall during most of the cooler months in the year. Clairmont is lorded over by House Montclair.

Ducal Seat of Clairmont[]

The Town of Clairmont is a village that houses the families of those who work in Westridge Keep. Almost all necessary goods are imported from outside Clairmont, even though local crops and livestock are kept. The town is guarded by a small town militia dressed in the colors of House Montclair. These men bear relatively high quality armor and weapons, but their presence is by and large a ceremonial one. With almost no real threat beyond the occasional wolf, they serve mostly firefighting and domestic peacekeeping duties. Should some real threat rear its head, the Ducal Guard are quick to dispatch and handle it themselves.

The largest structure in Clairmont is Westridge Keep, a midsized fortification built in traditional Azerothian style with thick stone walls and brilliant azure roofs. Occupied only by the Duke, his family, servants, and personal bodyguard, Westridge Keep is both isolated and fairly quiet. On a regular basis, representatives from the noble houses of Westridge travel to Westridge Keep to hold Ducal Court. Due to the rampant security threats in recent years, court is often held ‘in absentia’ by sending household representatives from the counties and baronies to make the dangerous trip instead of the Lords and Ladies themselves. The walls and halls of Westridge Keep are defended by a contingent of archers and men-at-arms, and of course by the elite soldiers of the Westridge Ducal Guard.


Westport is the main population center of the ducal seat of Clairmont, boasting a large port in its namesake. A detatchment of the Westridge Fleet is kept either docked or anchored at Westport to supplement Clairmont's naval defenses. The town itself is not very unique in its own right, but bears the standards and well-equipped guardsmen of House Montclair.

Westridge Cathedral & Priory[]

Westridge Cathedral is one of the oldest religious structures in the Duchy. A monastic priory is attached to the Cathedral and boasts a kingdom-renowned meadery. Maintained by church funds, the cathedral has alternated between grandeur and disrepair many times in its long history. The Cathedral was completely destroyed during the First War by the Orcish Horde, but the Priory was left undamaged; it is thought that the orcs kept the priory intact for its stores of mead. Upon Stormwind's liberation, the Priory was adopted for most high religious services while the cathedral remained in ruin. Reconstruction of the cathedral was completed during the War Against the Burning Legion. Today under the oversight of Bishop Kimberly Montclair, the cathedral is kept in modest but well maintained form. The priory and its monastic activities are overseen by Prior Richard Eilau.

Many of the Duchy’s most important religious figures are trained within the halls of Westridge Cathedral, as are the First Regiment’s attaché of clerics, paladins, and other priests. Spanning the space between the Cathedral and the Keep lay several small villages and homes. Nobles would often visit the nearby Chapel before or after attending court. This traffic to and from Westridge Keep fueled the local businesses and economy of Clairmont. In recent years however, this high-brow traffic has all but ceased.

Westridge Academy[]

Westridge Academy is a military officers' school funded by House Montclair on the northern coast of Clairmont. It has produced many brilliant graduates and tactical strategies over its decorated history.


Barony of Carvale[]

A northern subdivision of Clairmont and home of the Westridge Academy and Westridge Cathedral.

Barony of Joiestand[]

A Barony that composes the riverlands bordering the County of Wanduke.

Barony of Laval[]

A mountain pass which leads into the heartland of Stormwind.