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Altar Edit

The focal point of a Church which represents the Light's presence among the congregation.

Anointing Edit

The applying of holy oil in order to consecrate or make holy.

Apostasy Edit

The abandonment or renunciation of the Church of Holy Light's doctrines and beliefs.

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Beatitude Edit

Happiness or blessedness, especially the eternal happiness found in the presence of the Light.

Blasphemy Edit

Words, thoughts, or actions involving contempt for the Holy Light or the Church, or persons or things dedicated to the Light.

Blessing Edit

A short prayer asking the Light's favor on persons or objects. A blessing, or benediction, is a prayer invoking the Light's power to care upon some person, place, thing, or undertaking.

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Canon Law Edit

The rules which provide the norms for good order in the visible society of the Church.

Cathedral Edit

The mother church of a diocese - so called because it contains the cathedra, or bishop's chair, the symbol of a bishop's authority in the area.

Celebrant Edit

The priest or priestess who presides at a religious service.

Church Edit

The word "Church" has three inseparable meanings: all the faithful that the Holy Light gathers together; the particular or local Church diocese; and the liturgical assembly.

Clergy Edit

The body of people ordained for religious service.

Cloister Edit

A place of religious seclusion.

Congregation Edit

An assembly of people gathered for religious worship.

Contemplation Edit

A form of wordless prayer in which the mind and heart focus on the Holy Light's greatness and goodness.

Contrition Edit

The sorrow of the soul and hatred for the sin committed, together with a resolution not to sin again. Contrition is the most important act of the penitent and is necessary to complete the Rite of Penance.

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Diocese Edit

The territory, or churches, under the authority and leadership of a bishop.

Doctrine Edit

The revealed teachings of the Holy Light as defined by the Church of the Holy Light.

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Ecclesiastic/Ecclesiastical Edit

Pertaining to or of the Church.

Excommunication Edit

The formal process of expulsion from the Church which excludes an individual from participating in any Sacred Rites and from the exercise of any Church office, ministry, or function.

Exorcism Edit

The public and authoritative act of the Church to protect or liberate a person or object from the power of evil (e.g. possession) in the name of the Light.

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Genuflection Edit

A reverence made by bending the knee.

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Heresy Edit

The denial (by someone who is baptized) of accepted Church teachings.

Holy Orders Edit

The state of having received ordination.

Holy See Edit

The universal government of the Church of the Holy Light and operates from the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.

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Inquisitions Edit

Official investigations by the Church of suspected heresies.

Intercession Edit

A form of prayer of petition on behalf of others.

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Laity Edit

Those who have been baptized and are made part of the faithful of the Church of the Holy Light. Laity are distinguished from clergy and those in consecrated life.

Liturgy Edit

A general term for a religious service or ceremony performed by a group of believers.

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Ministry Edit

The service or work of sanctification performed by the preaching of Church doctrine and the celebration of the Holy Rites by those in Holy Orders, or in determining circumstances, by laity.

Monastery Edit

A religious house where monks live in a community under a rule and dedicate themselves to prayer.

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Ordination Edit

The service by which individuals are made recognized priests or priestesses in the Church of the Holy Light.

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Parish Edit

A stable community of the faithful within a particular church or diocese, whose pastoral care is confided by the bishop to a priest as pastor.

Pastoral letter Edit

An official letter from a bishop to all the clergy or members of his or her diocese.

Penance Edit

An action that expresses contrition for a sin following forgiveness by a priest in confessional.

Pilgrimage Edit

A journey to a holy place.

Prayer Edit

The elevation of the mind and heart to praise the Holy Light; a petition made to the Light for some desired good, or in thanksgiving for a good received, or in intercession for others.

Priest Edit

Someone who is ordained to minister within the Church. 

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Rosary Edit

A string of beads used in counting prayers.

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Saint Edit

Someone who, by their life and actions, is an example of holiness. The process by which the Church declares someone to be a saint can only happen after their death.

Salvation Edit

The forgiveness of sins and restoration of faith with the Holy Light.

Seminary Edit

A college where individuals are trained for the priesthood.

Sermon Edit

A talk in which the beliefs and doctrines of the Church of the Holy Light are explained.

Synod Edit

A meeting of bishops to discuss the doctrinal and pastoral needs of Church.

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Theology Edit

The study of the Holy Light, based on divine revelation.

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Vestments Edit

Liturgical garments and articles that are worn by the clergy of the Church of the Holy Light.

Vocation Edit

A religious calling to the priesthood or religious life.


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