Charlotte Thorne, the Baroness of Midcost, is a beautiful and unpleasant woman by almost any interpretation of the words. A stunningly effective manipulator and politician, she has managed to arrange House Thorne into a favorable position through clever dealings with the great houses of Mirwood. Most of her children have been married off, sent to war, or otherwise disposed of. Her only remaining child, the eldest son and heir to the House, serves as a landed Knight of Thorns.

Charlotte was not always so cold and bitter. The favored daughter of a loving father, Charlotte De Vries enjoyed a pleasant childhood and was introduced and married to her first love at the age of 13, Gerrin Thorne. While their marriage was pleasant at first, it quickly deteriorated. Gerrin was an angry drunkard and notorious womanizer. He was openly abusive and unfaithful, beating her in front of her children and taking a new mistress each night. Few were surprised when the Baron was eventually poisoned at his dinner table following the birth of their fifth child. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind who murdered him. While her husband may have been the Baron of Midcost, it was Charlotte that earned the loyalty of her children and household guard. Once they supported her rise to the throne, it was a simple matter to claim the rest of Midcost.

As of recent events, Charlotte Thorne has betrayed the Crown and is currently an outlaw. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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