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Sketch of Castelia Malanore c. March of 39 LC, circulated alongside arrest warrants (Art by Bumblebee)

Castelia Malanore is a relative newcomer to the Kingdom of Stormwind, having only immigrated in recent years; the exact date is unknown. She is young for a human, let alone for an elf, but she demonstrates a great aptitude for practical medicine, if not much else, being even able to perform some surgeries... with supervision. She briefly served in Stormwind's Armed Forces, acting as a medic during the invasion of Zandalar by the Grand Alliance; however, she vanished without a trace a few weeks after the Army's return and was branded a deserter. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Castelia is short for an elf, standing a few inches above five feet. She is petite and lithe, but she is perhaps more malnourished than muscular. She has a long face with slender lines, a hawkish nose, and the bright sky blue eyes of her people. Her hair is silver-white, interwoven with blue threads, and is often tied into a braid or bun to keep it out of her way. She speaks with an unusual mix of accents - a linguist might believe her to be a Dalaranian-born elf, though she denies it. Her voice is bright and bubbly, as she usually is, though her voice takes on a more gravelly tone when soft. Her skin is deathly pale with an almost violet pallor, but her limbs are still warm, her chest still rises and falls with breath, and should you see fit to strike her, she still bleeds red.

Service Record: Castelia Malanore[]





February 15, 39 LC


Deserted - April 27, 39 LC

Deceased - August 12, 40 LC


Elwynn Brigade

1st Regiment

7th Royal Infantry Battalion "Westridge Infantry"

1st Company "Honor Company"

Currently Stationed[]

Not in Active Service



Disciplinary Action[]

Desertion (Dishonourable Discharge and Death by Hanging, latter sentence suspended) - Stormwind City, September 22, 40 LC

Service Record - Addendum[]

Let it be known that, as of the date September 22, 40 LC, Castelia Malanore has been posthumously convicted of Desertion during a time of war under Article 122 of the Supplemental Uniform Code of Military Justice. For this offense, she is sentenced to Dishonourable Discharge and Death by Hanging; the latter sentence is indefinitely suspended due to her death on August 12. She is hereby Dishonourably Discharged, and the date of her discharge backdated to April 27, 39 LC, at the time of her desertion. This matter is hereby concluded and no further inquiry is to be conducted.