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Cassandra Lyon was an aged woman of poise, beauty, and ferocity. Originally betrothed to a handsome young knight of Lyon who perished shortly after their marriage, she had inherited the seat of Sarcelfen and became an exemplar of her family’s stubborn refusal to submit to disgrace and obscurity. Cassandra had done all she could to uphold her family’s prestige and repair the damage done to it long ago. Having found moderate success in her efforts by forging better trade agreements with the rest of Mirwood and combating the crippling superstition that inhibits relations with the Mage Circle, she was celebrated by her people as a leader and matriarchal figure. Outside Sarcelfen, however, she suffered the same scorn as other Lyons. As her own many years begin to wear on her once fiery personality and boundless ambition, one last challenge sat before her. One last task that had troubled her since her childhood. Each morning, she stands on the highest balcony of her manor… her eyes fixed on the Withering Wood.

Sarcelfen Incident and Death[]

Cassandra sold off her family's remaining fortunes in order to fund a group of mercenaries to steal the mythical Flute of Taerus from within the Heartsgrove tree. This action instigated the Sarcelfen Incident, awakening a cursed dragon that tore through Sarcelfen, destroying the Lyon Manor, damaging a large portion of the cities of Canard and Lyonne which led to the deaths of many citizens and the collapse of House Lyon. Cassandra realized the mistake she had made, lamenting her course of action but stubbornly refusing to admit any wrong doing outwardly. When her sons died, she attempted to do anything and everything to hide away and save her daughters, sending them into the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Lyonne.

During the final days of the incident, the cursed dragon Taerus attacked the city, collapsing the cathedral on top of Cassandra and ending her life. However, her actions led to both daughters surviving alongside a large portion of the populace of Lyonne as they escaped the fighting in the city through the underground tunnels. Her legacy will always be stained to all those who look from the outside in, but those within Sarcelfen still praise her name for her actions throughout her reign.