Caldain remains poorly developed and sparsely populated. Most of the region is covered in woody brambles and thick brush, with only the immediate area around Caldain Manor being of any significant development. Caldain does not produce any significant goods, nor does it consume any.

Caldain Manor is a large and forbidding stone castle atop a large hill which stands vigilant against any who would harm the town of Caldain below. Originally reduced to ruin during the First War, it was rebuilt and extensively refurbished in 36 L.C with a noticeable Krastinovian style by Lord Harrowmire. Used to entertain guest and host several fortified treasure vaults, Caldain Manor’s many utilities have provided its owners with a steady flow of wealth. Now protected by a cohort of Musket-and-Pikemen and an impressive array of cannons, Caldain offers several difficult deterrents to any would be attackers.

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