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Below is a collection of books and documents relevant to our guild. Most of the content is written by our own players, but various bits have been contributed by talented players in other guilds or sourced from external material.

Some of the older and more dusty tomes may represent out-of-date information.

Official Manuals Edit

Below are the official manuals intended for our soldiers and their divisions.

Stormwind Army Field Manual Edit

A comprehensive book that is issued to all of our soldiers, detailing military protocol, uniforms, safety guidelines, and more. Every soldier needs to read this book to know how to behave in our environment!

Stormwind Circle Mage Tome Edit

An elementary introduction to the schools of magic and Circle Law.

Stormwind Medical Handbook Edit

A book oriented towards medically inclined soldiers to teach them about different types of wounds and their treatment.

Libraries Edit

Below are links to additional indexes containing various smaller works.

Bestiary Edit

A compendium of regiment-led research and documentation of enemies that it has faced over the course of its campaigns.

Encyclopedia of Reagents Edit

Contains texts on the innumerable reagents that can be found on Azeroth.

Library of Sarceline Edit

A link to various texts written by current and previous mages of the circle.

Nobility and Heraldry Edit

A compendium of Nobility and Heraldry, a resource for those who would seek to improve their standing with Stormwind's Peerage.

Diocese Archives Edit

A composition of theses, arguments, prayers, scriptures and all other documents pertaining to the official worship of the Holy Light.

Royal Library Edit

A link to our old forum-based library. A lot of the content appearing here may be dated, just like real old books!

Other Texts Edit

Other content relevant to the guild.

Proper Form Edit

A book regarding proper etiquette amongst noble company.

The Regimental Kitchen Edit

A "book" detailing "good" recipes to craft field rations for the everyday soldier.

Rules of the Joust Edit

To understand scoring in jousting.

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