The First Regiment Wiki

Lady Beora Grunscheld, otherwise known as the Bear Knight, was named Baroness of Fangwood by Duke Maxen Montclair for her refusal to leave her people in their greatest time of need. Raised as the youngest child and only daughter of a knight, Beora was scorned for her hefty size and gender among the noble elite of Fairpeak. While her early teens were spent cloistered in her father’s home waiting for an arranged marriage, her stubborn and rough personality led her down a different path. At the age of 16 she cornered her father’s squire, beat him to a pulp, and ran away from home wearing his armor. She spent the next twenty years living the life of a hedge-knight, having left her family name and heraldry behind.

Having spent so long serving the people directly, Beora is known among the populace as the ‘Bear Knight’ for the sigil she carved into her shield. She chose the animal for its symbolism of strength, bravery, and protection. During one of her lone assaults on a bandit den, Beora encountered and surrendered to a platoon of 3rd Company. Mistakenly jailed for banditry, she found her efforts repaid when multiple local citizens came to vouch for her honor to the Captain. Released and commended, Beora revealed herself to be the long missing daughter of Sir Olaf Grimwald. Still, she refused to carry the name. When the Duke insisted to know what name she might prefer, Beora only looked at her green shield and answered simply.

Thus, Duke Maxen Montclair legitimized Beora Grunscheld for her lifelong dedication to the highest ideals of knighthood. Now named Baroness of Fangwood, Lady Beora has chosen new heraldry for herself and refuses to acknowledge or continue the disgraced colors of her lineage. She has taken residence at The Bitterhold, a timber-and-stone manor nestled at the edge of the Great Forest. Her new colors of gold and green now hang from those walls, declaring a new Lady of the land.

Beora is a large and imposing woman with long and thick black hair. Nonetheless considered attractive, she prefers to dress as a knight and not as a lady, binding her chest tightly and wearing armor that does not flatter her shape. Not usually one for idle chit-chat, when she does decide to speak it is loud and never leaves any question as to her meaning or intent. She leads House Grunscheld.