Benedict Hudson, the ‘Prince of Bridgeport’, is singularly responsible for the recent and aggressive changes of House Hudson. It was Benedict who ordered the construction of Hudson Landing, the buildup of troops, the trade sanctions on House Thorne, and fortification of Bridgeport Keep. He has vocally and repeatedly stated that House Thorne will soon regret the many transgressions issued against House Hudson. Many expected when his father fell ill that Benedict would force the Count to abdicate his seat. Instead, Benedict Hudson has taken the opportunity to solidify his position and reputation before he is named the next Count of Whitecliffe. Without the title, however, Benedict is unable to deploy household troops or make demands of Thorne. Few doubt that once he is named Count of Whitecliffe, those will be among his first orders.

Benedict Hudson is a man in his late thirties, sporting a clean shaven and round face, piercing dark eyes, and black hair. He styles himself in modern fashions, walks with confident gait, and speaks with a firm and commanding voice. Educated in Stormwind and having served in the Royal Navy at the rank of Captain, Benedict is no stranger to war or strategy.

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