The current Commandant of Westbrook, Lord Bartholomew Rainer is a relatively recent appointee to the title. Once a talented Cavalier, Lord Rainer lost his left leg during the landing on Pandaria and was discharged from the military due to his permanent disability. Duke Maxen Montclair named him Commandant for his service and sacrifice, having had a need to fill the position and finding Rainer the best choice. Even tempered, respectably educated, and with a newly discovered knack for balancing a regional budget, Lord Rainer has allowed for uninterrupted prosperity within his small area of influence. He continues to dress daily in his old armor and holds himself to the appearance standards of a Cavalier. Even with his disability, he has kept himself in top physical condition - as to let oneself lapse into corpulence while wearing the uniform is disrespectful.

He oversees the Rein Territory.

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