Ardan Coward Cropped

Charcoal portrait of Private Ardan Coward upon receipt of the Medallion of the Alliance, 40 LC (Art by Ayie_OlaerArt)

Ardan Coward comes from a humble family of peasant farmers from the Westridge village of Montroux, and in all likelihood he would have followed in their footsteps. Fate, however, had different plans, as did Magistrate Vance B. Tyrhault. After Coward's blossoming romance with the magistrate's daughter Lily was discovered, he was promptly enlisted at the magistrate's command, and now he is a soldier of Stormwind's First Regiment.

Description Edit

The man you see before you is not one his hometown friends would recognize. He was a man who would have been described as plain and simple, with a long face and unkempt brown hair down to his shoulders. However, the military has gotten its claws into him, taking his short, lean peasant build and leaving him clean, sculpted, and strong. He's well-tanned and well-muscled, with deep, cocoa-brown eyes and a smile just a tad too confident to be considered properly shy. Though his speech is simple and his tastes are simple, and he just generally seems a good-natured country boy, there is no denying he now walks with a soldier's swagger.

He notably has a long scar running diagonally up his chest from his left hip to his right shoulder, and five smaller criss-crossing scars on his back - the signs of a flogging.

Service Record: Ardan Othan Coward Edit


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Enlisted Edit

December 28, 39 LC

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Detachment Edit

Elwynn Brigade

1st Regiment

7th Royal Infantry Battalion "Westridge Infantry"

1st Company "Honor Company"

Currently Stationed Edit

Westbrook Garrison, Duchy of Westridge

Commendations Edit

Medallion of the Alliance - Uldum, 40 LC

Medallion of Stormwind - Uldum, 40 LC

Disciplinary Action Edit

Insubordination (5 Lashes) - Westbrook, 40 LC

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