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Albert Montclair was the reigning Duke of Westridge at the onset of the First War.

Known for his conservative and traditional views in regards to chivalry and noblehood, Albert was a shrewd politician and often traveled throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind as a negotiator for the House of Wrynn. In his youth he was arranged a political marriage with Sandaria Claurice, a woman of noble blood from the Redridge Mountains.

Lord Albert fathered Maxen Montclair seventeen years before the opening of the Dark Portal, and assigned Sir Robert Rolhelm to discipline and train his son in the arts of war. While in his son's early life he looked upon him in disdain for Sandaria's "pampering," he eventually came to terms with Maxen when he was knighted shortly before the First War.

Despite winning a number of small victories in Elwynn Forest against the Orcish Horde, Lord Albert and the armsmen under his command were overwhelmed and outnumbered, eventually pushed to Goldshire. It was there that he was struck off of his horse by an axe to the chest. Maxen frantically tried to aid Lord Albert as he lay dying. Unable to speak anything but blood, Lord Albert handed his son Antrumensis and passed on - leaving Maxen his legacy as Duke of Westridge.